The next-generation U.S. lunar rocket launch time

NASA administrator Bill Nelson (Bill Nelson) said that the “Artemis 1” unmanned flight test mission around the moon The management team will meet that afternoon to discuss follow-up plans, discussing whether to launch the rocket again on September 5 or 6, or return the rocket to the assembly room.

Nelson said that if the “Artemis 1” is shipped back to the assembly room, it will not have another launch opportunity until October, because the launch pad has other missions, “Artemis 1” “The launch after repairs will likely be pushed back to mid-October.

“Artemis” is a new moon landing program announced by the U.S. government in 2019. It was originally planned to send American astronauts to the moon again by 2024. Due to budget constraints and other reasons, NASA announced in November last year that the return of American astronauts to the moon may be delayed by a year from the original plan, and the earliest time to land on the moon in 2025. Before the astronauts land, NASA plans to conduct an uncrewed test flight around the moon code-named “Artemis 1” and a manned test flight around the moon, code-named “Artemis 2”. (CCTV reporter Xu Tao)

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