Tesla Humanoid Robot Optimus Prime

Tesla’s humanoid robot “Optimus Prime” unveiled Musk’s exposure: there will be a female robot in the shape of a Catwoman in the future. Tesla 2022 AI Day was held in Palo Alto, California, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in attendance. 

Tesla Humanoid Robot Optimus Prime

At the beginning of the press conference, Bumble C, the prototype developed by Optimus, a humanoid robot without any control cables, came on stage and waved to the audience.

Prototype Bumble C

  • In order to better demonstrate its technology and design, various components and circuits are not covered at all.
  • Although the robot walks a little awkwardly and has a rather crude design, it is already in use at Tesla, helping to carry and deliver various objects.
  • In addition to Bumble C, Musk also showed off the first-generation Optimus robot.

Optimus Robot

  It is reported that Tesla let the prototype Bumble-C on stage first because Optimus cannot walk independently for the time being, but this problem is expected to be solved in the next few weeks.

  The humanoid shape of Optimus is designed based on human body structure, and its hands are also optimized bionic design based on human hands.

  Musk emphasized that the hands of the main vision of Tesla AI DAY and the trailer are those of the Tesla robot, and they are real shots, not CG. This design means that Tesla robots will be used more for daily chores, even household chores.

  It is reported that the final product will be the streamlined Optimus humanoid robot, and the Bumble-C debut is just to demonstrate the technology.

  Musk also said on Twitter that there will be a female humanoid robot in the shape of a Catwoman in the future, leaving a huge space for fans to imagine.


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