Rushing away from Apple, Huawei Mate 50 was released

Rushing away from Apple, Huawei Mate 50 was released! The number of reservations exceeds 2.45 million, and the first batch of goods in some stores has been reserved

Launched two days before the release of the iPhone 14, the Huawei Mate 50, which grabbed the first opportunity, was snapped up by consumers. On the day of the conference, the number of reservations for the Mate 50 series on Huawei’s official website exceeded 2.45 million. On September 7, consumers in Huawei’s offline stores were also extremely hot.

“The store opened an appointment a month ago, and now hundreds of Mate 50 phones have been pre-ordered, and the first batch has been pre-ordered. The second batch can still be pre-ordered, but it will not be available when it goes on sale on September 21.” On September 7, a clerk of a Huawei authorized experience store in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza told the Times Weekly reporter.

The Mate 50 series is a new release of Huawei’s Mate series after two years. Among them, the Mate 50 starts at 4,999 yuan, the Mate 50 Pro starts at 6,799 yuan, and the Mate 50 RS Porsche design is priced at 12,999 yuan. From the price point of view, this series is aimed at the high-end flagship market with a price of more than 5,000 yuan.

Even with high prices, consumers are still enthusiastic about buying machines.

The Times Weekly reporter visited and found that many offline stores such as the local Huawei authorized experience store in Guangzhou, the Huawei counter in the supermarket, and the Huawei Smart Life Museum have opened the pre-sale of the Mate 50 series. At 8:30 pm on September 7, in the Huawei, Authorized Experience Center on Beijing Road, Guangzhou, almost all consumers who entered the store gathered around the Mate 50 counter to test the machine.

A number of Huawei offline store clerks reported to the Times Weekly reporter that the Mate 50 has a large number of reservations and insufficient supply.

A counter teller in a large supermarket in Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town told the Times Weekly reporter that there is no deposit required for the non-Kunlun glass 256G version of the Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro, and it is basically guaranteed to get the spot on the sale date. However, the 512G or above version, the version equipped with Kunlun glass and the Porsche version of the mobile phone do not know the arrival date of the stock, and consumers need to wait for the notification after leaving their contact information.

“Currently, there are not many Mate 50s in stock, and there is only one black Mate 50 prototype in the store. I don’t know which online or offline channel can get the goods faster after ordering. It is recommended to grab both online and offline. ‘ said the teller.

A clerk at a Huawei Smart Life Store in Guangzhou also told the Times Weekly reporter that the Mate 50 supply reserve could not match the enthusiasm of consumers for purchasing the phone. At present, more than 100 consumers have paid a deposit of 100 yuan for the purchase of the phone in the store, and even so, there is no guarantee that they will get the mobile phone on the sale date.

If you want to make sure to buy this series of mobile phones before National Day, it is recommended to avoid the Mate 50 Pro, which is currently the most popular curved screen, and choose the Mate 50 with a straight screen.

  Not only offline, the Mate 50 is also quite popular on e-commerce platforms. The Times Weekly reporter saw on that the current Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro reservation pages both display the word out of stock.

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