Requirements For a Master’s Degree Application in the US?

The United States is also a popular choice for domestic schools to apply for overseas masters. Different from the UK master’s application, it depends on the background of the student’s undergraduate institutions. The US master’s application depends more on whether your application materials meet the requirements. So, what are the application requirements to apply for a master’s degree in the United States?

1. Academic ability requirements

Refers to students’ undergraduate grades, especially the grades of professional courses, so students need to pay special attention to their academic performance throughout the university. Usually, the average GPA of students admitted to prestigious schools is 3.5-3.8.

Students’ scientific research ability, such as professional-related project research experience, practical experience, publication of academic papers, etc.

2. Standardized test score requirements

The basic condition for applying for a master’s degree in the United States, the language score is not up to standard, and even if the other items are excellent, it is difficult to be considered.

TOEFL scores: According to different majors, the TOEFL requirements for studying in the United States are different, usually at least 90-100 points. For some majors, such as media, many famous schools require more than 105 points.

GRE scores: liberal arts majors pay more attention to the Verbal section.

GMAT score: For students admitted by famous schools, GMAT700-740 is also normal.

3. Fee requirements

American graduate students generally take two years to study, and the tuition fee is 18,000 to 40,000 US dollars per year, equivalent to 120,000 to 250,000 yuan per year. Living expenses are basically in the range of 450-2000 US dollars/month, or 2700-12000 yuan per month.

4. Material requirements

To apply for a master’s degree in the United States, you need to prepare complete application materials. The required materials may vary between different universities and different majors, but generally, the following materials are required.

1) Admission Application Form

This is the most basic material, mainly some simple personal information so that the admissions officer has a preliminary understanding of you.

2) Original Chinese/English transcripts for undergraduates

Transcripts can prove how the applicant’s academic performance during the university period, including the course name, grades, credit hours, etc. taken at the undergraduate level.

3) Recommendation letter

Recommendation letters are also very important. When choosing recommenders, it is best to find relevant experts in the master’s degree or well-known professors you want to apply for.

It should be noted that when looking for a recommender, it is not that the more famous the other person is, the better. On the contrary, the applicant should find a professor who is familiar with their own advantages and specialties. Even if this professor is relatively ordinary, he can discover more about you. The highlights, the recommended content written is also more authentic, so it is more trustworthy.

4) PS

PS, that is, personal statement, this is the key material, which reflects the applicant’s personal experience, personality, etc. It is an excellent opportunity to show yourself to the admissions officer. American colleges and universities attach great importance to the personality of students, so if it can be highlighted in the PS This content can also attract the attention of admissions officers.

5) Proof of reading

To apply for a master’s degree in the United States, you generally also need a Chinese/English reading certificate to prove that you are a senior in a regular university, and the certificate needs to be stamped with an official seal.

In addition to these basic application materials, there are graduation certificates, degree certificates and additional materials (such as portfolios), etc., specific requirements of different universities and majors.

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