Huawei released the first 2000Mbps all-optical home networking product

On September 5th, the 2nd F5G Gigabit All-optical Home Summit Forum and Huawei FTTR New Product Launch Conference were held today. Zhou Jun, President of Huawei’s Optical Access Product Line, released the industry’s first 2000 Mbps all-optical home networking product—— Huawei FTTR all-optical family Starlight F30 series new products.

According to reports, since ETSI released the F5G standard in 2020, the development of the FTTR all-optical home industry has entered the fast lane. As of August 2022, 85 provincial-level operators across the country have released FTTR networking services, and many provinces and cities have released FTTR fiber distribution and construction white papers to guide FTTR construction. 

The No. 141 recommendation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in July this year also clearly pointed out that basic telecommunications companies should accelerate the pace of commercial fiber-to-the-room commercialization, and promote the further extension of fiber to the user end.

Zhou Jun introduced that Huawei launched the third-generation FTTR products – Starlight F30 Ultimate Edition, Premium Edition, and Youth Edition, and brought three new super-sensing experiences:

First, the Starlight F30 series integrates romantic beauty into every room. The appearance of this series of products is designed by aesthetic experts, inspired by the four seasons, and carefully polished to design four colors of ruby ​​red, starry silver, quicksand gold, and swan white, which perfectly integrate into the modern home style.

Secondly, the Starlight F30 series products also bring a technological texture. The new product adopts a brand-new C-WAN, that is, a centralized Wi-Fi networking architecture. The main FTTR is used as the brain for centralized control and tuning, and four “extreme” performance upgrades are achieved: The first is to allow users to experience the unprecedented 2000Mbps extreme throughout the house.

Speed; the second is to bring the ultimate coverage of the whole house without dead ends, no matter where is the C position; the third is to achieve the ultimate roaming through the original SRCN (Seamless Roaming Coordinate Network) technology, video calls can be made at will, Walking around without lag; the fourth is the ultimate smooth connection that supports up to 128 smart devices in the whole house at the same time.


Finally, Xingguang F30 series products allow users to have a more enjoyable intelligent body sense and provide a more user-friendly user APP. The new product brings unique five “one” functions: “One-touch networking” to achieve password-free access; “One-second acceleration” to ensure smooth operation of applications through intelligent perception; “Speed ​​measurement” perceives the quality of network segmentation; “One-click optimization” ensures smooth Wi-Fi at all times; at the same time, it supports green energy saving and realizes low carbon and environmental protection.

In addition, in terms of services, Huawei has provided 5A-level one-stop service capabilities with operators for FTTR all-optical home networks, including precise planning, agile installation, intelligent acceptance, active assurance, and caring, helping operators build “planned construction” Inspection and maintenance” full-process service. (quietly)

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