Global Manufacturing PMI Fell For 4 Consecutive Months

Global manufacturing PMI fell for 4 consecutive months! The European Union announced that it will use the Type-C charging interface uniformly. The good news is that the transaction volume of RMB surpassed the US dollar in Mozambique for the first time and became the fourth-largest payment currency in the world has exploded!

Global Manufacturing PMI Fell For 4 Consecutive Months

The sea freight has returned to the lowest point in the past two years, and the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate is nothing more than a good thing to promote the development of foreign trade! Enterprises have deployed overseas.

At the same time, the competition between the old brand and the emerging platform has also begun! With Pinduoduo, Douyin,, Ali, and other big companies all over the world, the sales season of gold, silver, and silver in the foreign trade industry is coming! Judging from our overall economic data in China, it still maintains a good growth trend! What matters need our attention in the future?

1. The global manufacturing PMI index has declined for 4 consecutive months!

According to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the global manufacturing PMI in September 2022 was 50.3%, a decrease of 0.6 percentage points from the previous month. Among them, the growth rate of manufacturing in Europe and the Americas continued to slow down, the manufacturing industry in Africa fell below 50% again, and the manufacturing PMI in Asia rose slightly from the previous month.

Second, Chinese giants have deployed overseas!

The recent news of the continuous devaluation of the RMB against the US dollar is undoubtedly a major boost for foreign trade export enterprises! In the context of the increasing domestic e-commerce dividends, Pinduoduo launched the B2C platform Temu on September 1.

The old Alibaba International Station and AliExpress have been online for many years, and Ti stock has already been deeply involved overseas! Domestic e-commerce giants (Alibaba,, Douyin, Pinduoduo) have assembled! A few days ago came the first cooperation between and FOBGOODS! Earlier, FOBGOODS reached a cooperation agreement with many Tik Tok sellers.

As a representative of B2B emerging, it can be said that the growth momentum is quite strong in recent years, and domestic e-commerce giants have all deployed overseas! According to the data report released by FOBGOODS recently, the user and merchant ports have maintained a rapid growth of 4.65 and 7.6 times! Domestic enterprises are frantically rushing into the road of cross-border going overseas!

The future is difficult for Ali, this is a battle between emerging platforms and established platforms! While the domestic market share has been madly seized by Pinduoduo and, the cross-border overseas business has also suffered a blow.

Tiktok and Pinduoduo, and foreign trade B

Overseas C-side traffic users are being madly seized by Tiktok and Pinduoduo, and foreign trade B-end users have been madly seized by FOBGOODS and independent stations. Global Trade, which launched this year, went to the RTS of Ali International Station. The most eye-catching this year is the one known as the “troika” of emerging foreign trade platforms in 2022: Tiktok, SHEIN, and FOBGOODS forming emerging representatives of B2C, independent stations and B2B.

3. The EU announced that it will use the Type-C charging interface uniformly! The demand for heating products in Europe hits a new high!

The European Parliament passed a new regulation a few days ago, requiring that from the end of 2024, all new portable smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets use the USB Type-C charging interface. Laptops will all use USB Type-C chargers from 2026. 

Apple is expected to be one of the companies

Apple is expected to be one of the companies most affected. The new rules will force it to ditch the Lightning port and switch to the USB Type-C port many competitors already use. However, Reuters reported that the new EU regulations may also have a positive impact on Apple, or may push consumers to buy new Apple products that use the USB Type-C interface.

Charging interface

Affected by the tight supply of natural gas, residents in the EU have purchased heating equipment that uses electricity as energy. Chinese manufacturers represented by the production of heaters and heat pumps ushered in a wave of orders! 

According to data from the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the categories that have grown in home appliance exports to Europe since 2022 mainly include air conditioners, electric water heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets, and hair dryers, of which electric blankets lead other categories with a growth rate of 97%. 

Made in China, built in China, made in China, created in China, all of these Chinese business cards are resounding around the world at the speed of China. I believe that with the country’s strong support for Chinese brands to go overseas and be made in China, there will be more Chinese brands going to the world!

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