ES7 named EL7 in Germany Weilai: continue to respond to Audi

the NIO Berlin 2022 event to be held in the early morning of tomorrow, NIO will announce that it will enter the German, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish markets and release three new cars. Sina Technology learned that in the early morning of October 7, Weilai updated product information on its official websites in European countries. According to the website, the three models are the smart electric flagship sedan ET7, the smart electric mid-size coupe ET5, and the smart electric mid-to-large SUV EL7. After confirming with Weilai, in four European countries such as Germany, Weilai named its ES7, which was previously listed in the Chinese market, as EL7.

  Regarding the reason for the name EL7, Weilai said that from the very beginning of the company’s establishment, Weilai has insisted on originality, and has systematically thought about the naming of the model. Since 2016, it has started to apply for global registration and has obtained China, Europe, and Successful registration in most markets such as the United States. Regrettably, Audi challenged the NIO ES8/ES6 model name and initiated a lawsuit in Germany. Given that the lawsuit may be protracted, in order to avoid affecting the interests of European users, Weilai has decided to use the model name EL7 in Europe at present. NIO will continue to respond to relevant trademark lawsuits that are still ongoing in Germany.

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