Chinese car companies will definitely win

Meituan Wang Xing: Chinese car companies will definitely win, “NIO, Huawei, Ideal” will replace BBA to occupy the high-end market. major car companies announced their latest “records”. Among them, Ideal Auto delivered 11,531 new cars in September, Weilai delivered 10,878 vehicles, and Xiaopeng delivered 8,468 vehicles. , 10,142 units were delivered in the Seris Quest series.

Chinese car companies will definitely win

As a shareholder of Ideal Auto, Meituan CEO Wang Xing also expressed his views on the new domestic car-making forces: in the next three years, he is optimistic about Ideal, Weilai, and Huawei, and will break the leadership of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi in the domestic high-end car market. .

As promised, the ideal L9, priced at 459,800 yuan, delivered over 10,000 units in the first month! Specifically, 10,123 units. In the past 20 to 30 years, the leader of China’s premium high-end car market has always been the German BBA (Benz, BMW, Audi). Huawei). No matter who wins, China will win.

AITO Motors announced today

AITO Motors announced today that the September delivery of the Asking Series reached a record high of 10,142 units. In addition, since August, the single-month delivery of the AITO series has exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive months. It is reported that Wenjie’s second model, Wenjie M7, will be delivered on August 24, and the Wenjie M5 EV pure electric model will be delivered within this year.

It is worth mentioning that when Yu Chengdong released the new car of Wenjie, he often mentioned the configuration experience comparable to that of a million-level luxury car. Among them, the Wenjie M7 “completely surpassed the million-level luxury cars such as Toyota Alpha and Lexus LM”. , far ahead of its competitors.

Li Xiang even called the Ideal L9

In addition, Li Xiang even called the Ideal L9 “the best family SUV within 5 million yuan”, Xiaopeng G9 is “the best SUV within 500,000 yuan”, and many NIO models are directly benchmarked against luxury such as BBA. Competing models of high-end brands, for example, Qin Lihong said that NIO ET7 benchmarks the BMW 5 Series, NIO ES7 benchmarks the BMW X5, and NIO ET5 benchmarks the 3 Series.


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