China’s “core” will be brighter in the future

Just as steel supports the industry, chips support the information industry. Chip R&D and manufacturing capabilities are the embodiment of a country’s advanced technology development level.

  In the past ten years, China’s chip industry has withstood heavy pressures and opened up broad channels in the Red Sea. Its “chip” journey has many inspirations.

  First, it has a solid manufacturing base. Since 2010, my country’s manufacturing industry has been ranked first in the world. The soundness of the industrial system and the scale of the industry are in a leading position, building a solid foundation for the development of the chip industry.

huge market demand

  Second, there is huge market demand. With the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to high quality, the market size of the tertiary industry and the needs of social scenarios continue to drive the steady expansion of the scale of my country, the world’s largest chip market and boost the development of the chip industry.

  The third is to stimulate innovative elements to give birth to butterfly changes. In the past ten years, my country has not only ranked first in the world in terms of the number of engineers, scientific papers, and patents, but also a series of actions such as “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and “originalization” have turned into technological peaks.

shortcomings in my country’s chip industry

At the same time, we must also see that shortcomings in my country’s chip industry still exist. In the field of design, the current cutting-edge chip design tool EDA is still in a “stuck neck” situation; in the field of manufacturing, due to the influence of EUV lithography machines, it is expected that advanced processes below 7nm will still be controlled by others for a period of time.

  To solve this series of problems, domestic chip companies in different fields of the industrial chain must join forces to make up for shortcomings in various fields as soon as possible, and further support localized chip design and manufacturing from a policy perspective. In addition to financial support, it is also necessary to Expand the market space for domestic chip design and manufacturing to survive and accelerate the development of the domestic chip industry from a commercial perspective.

strictly prevent the phenomenon of “Hanxin”

  At the same time, we must be alert to the disorder of the chip boom, strictly prevent the phenomenon of “Hanxin”-style fraud and misappropriation, and improve the “visibility” of the chip investment market.

  The chip industry is a high-tech-intensive industry, and it is difficult to establish technological advantages of the whole industry chain, which puts forward higher requirements for talent reserves. my country should introduce a large number of high-quality talents in chip design, manufacturing, and other links. This also requires the cooperation of all parties to cultivate a good scientific research environment.

  Take the pressure and straighten your back. It is believed that my country’s chip industry will achieve more exciting achievements, and the pearl on the crown of this high-tech industry will also be more splendid.

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